Spotify Ad Blocker for Android

I made a Spotify ad blocker for myself and anyone else who is sick of Spotify ads on mobile. The app is very lightweight and automatically mutes and unmutes the phone when Spotify ads start and stop. It requires notification access as that’s how it tells if an ad is playing or not. It uses very little battery life.

I would appreciate any feedback on the code or implementation. You are free to check out the source, make a pull request if you’d like to add something, or download the latest APK on Github.


Home Screen Screenshot Home Screen Screenshot

Source Code

Available on Github


How do I use this app?

  1. Download the latest APK and install it. You may need to enable unknown sources on your device.

  2. Click the top button on the app and allow it notification access.

  3. Open the Spotify app, start your music, then press your home button to minimize it. The Spotify notification icon in the top left corner must be visible, but you can lock your phone.

  4. Enjoy your music ad free.

Does this app use a lot of battery life?

No, not at all. I have left the app running for several days in order to see if I could notice any significant impact on battery life, and I could not. The app doesn’t even appear in the battery life section of the settings page.

Why does the app need notification access?

It needs notification access to tell if an ad is playing. The app does not look at any other notifications other than that of Spotify. You can view the source to ensure this.

Can I contribute to the app?

Yes, if you would like to contribute a feature or fix a bug you found in the app, you can open a pull request on Github. Something I would like to add in the future is functionality for users to configure their own blocklists that could pull from a URL, similar to how Adaway works.

If you have any issues please open an issue on GitHub and I will do my best to help.